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О компании East West Leather

East West Leather is your one-stop source for leather, tools and accessories. We are authorized dealer for Tandy Leather making products that form the core of our selection. We continue to expand our offerings of fine leathers, quality tools, and unique items, but the foundation of our business is providing customized service to our customers.
This makes it possible for you to order a wide variety of products with only one financial transaction and one customs clearance. That means convenience and security for you, our valued customer.
Our office is located in Canada as well in Khabarovsk where our friendly Russian sales team can help you by answering questions, coordinating your orders and deliveries, and making suggestions to give you the best value and versatility for your purchases.
Invoicing, payment receipt, documentation, packaging and shipping are conducted by our logistics contractor in Canada with whom we have a long and trusted relationship. You can be sure that every attention to detail is given to each and every purchase you make.
East West Leather cares for each customer’s business like it was our own because we want our customers to be happy with our service and successful in their endeavors.

Контакт в Канаде:
TELEPHONE: 1-403-909-7099
Контакт в России:
TELEPHONE: 8 924 108 65 60

Добро пожаловать в удивительный мир мастеров кожевенного дела!

East West Leather поставляет разнообразные товары используемые в работе с кожей: кожа растительного дубления, пряжки и кончо, инструменты и оборудование, методические пособия, трафареты и шаблоны, краски, кондиционеры и финиши, комплекты для детей «Собери Сам».

Среди наших клиентов модельеры и дизайнеры, любители конно-спортивных клубов, байкеры, и все те – кому нравится просто работать с кожей!

Если вам нравится работать с кожей – вы оказались в правильном месте. Мы надеемся, что Вам понравится представленный ассортимент и качественное обслуживание. Мы добавляем еще больше доступных товаров для Вас, и посетители сайта скоро смогут увидеть эти новые и необходимые изделия. Надеемся, они Вас заинтересуют! В настоящее время Вы можете заказать через интернет – магазин любой товар для доставки товаров из Канады в Россию и страны СНГ. Предлагаем посетить оригинальный сайт и выбрать любые товары, необходимые в вашей работе, и, которых вдруг не оказалось на нашем сайте. Более подробная информация здесь. East West Leather предоставляет службу поддержки каждому клиенту. Мы лично проверяем каждый заказ и тщательно упаковываем его, чтобы товар был доставлен надежно и без повреждений. Ваш товар застрахован и вся документация составлена правильно, что упрощает процесс получения груза.

Ваш успех – это наш стандарт! Поэтому, мы желаем быть вашим Партнером, а не просто Продавцом.

East West Leather supplies a wide variety of leather goods and items used in working with leather. Our customers include fashion designers, horse enthusiasts, bikers and more. If it is leather you like, you’ve come to the right place. We hope our selection and service will interest you!

We are in the process of adding even more goods for you to choose from and making it easier to navigate our online catalog. For now, please browse the catalog sections listed on the left side of this page. We sell most of the products offered at so even if you do not see something you need on our site, you can buy it from us. You can order from East West Leather through the Internet – choose goods for delivery of the goods from Canada to Russia and the CIS countries. Send us your list and we will prepare a customized invoice for you that details the goods and delivery charges. Please invite your relatives and friends to make collective purchases through you.

East West Leather provides individual service to every customer. We personally check each order and carefully package it to survive the shipping and handling required to deliver it. Our documentation helps ease the purchase and receiving process for the buyer and insured delivery removes the risk. Your satisfaction is our number one standard. In that respect, we are more your partner than supplier.

Please note that some prices on some items have increased but are not yet posted on the website. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we are working on the updates. As usual, you will be able to review your invoice prior to payment and any price differences will be noted.